Sandwich Selections


Plain sandwiches served on a toasted bun with lettuce, tomato, pickle, and a cup of soup.
One trip salad bar $4.25. Deluxe sandwich includes a cup of soup and french fries.
Substitute salad or cottage cheese for soup $.75

Beef Burger

Plain $6.25   Deluxe $7.25


Plain $6.45   Deluxe $7.45

Mushroom Swiss Burger

Plain $7.00   Deluxe $8.00

Bacon Cheeseburger

Plain $7.00   Deluxe $8.0

Belt Buster (1/2 lb. ground beef)

Plain $7.25   Deluxe $8.25

Add cheese for $.35>   Add 2 bacon strips for $.95

Super Cheeseburger

Served w/choice of cheese curds, onion rings or breaded mushrooms $8.99

Chicken Sandwiches

Grilled or Fried Chicken

On a bun, sourdough, rye, whole wheat or white bread

Plain $6.70   Deluxe $7.70

Hawaiian Chicken

Grilled chicken breast w/pineapple on sourdough

Plain $7.20   Deluxe $8.20

Teriyaki Chicken

Grilled chicken breast w/grilled onions & peppers, swiss cheese and teriyaki sauce on sourdough

Plain $7.20   Deluxe $8.20

More Sandwiches


Tender gyro meat served in pita bread and with our special sauce

Plain $7.05   Deluxe $8.05

French Dip

Tender sliced roast beef on a roll w/au jus

Plain $7.50   Deluxe $8.50

Tuna or Chicken Salad

Freshly made chicken or tuna salad

Plain $6.00   Deluxe $7.00

Fish Sandwich

Deep fried fish portion on a bun

Plain $6.20   Deluxe $7.20

Ham and Cheese Sandwich

Plain $6.85   Deluxe $7.85

BLT Sandwich

Plain $6.20   Deluxe $7.20

Grilled Cheese

Plain $5.20   Deluxe $6.20

Super Grilled Cheese

With bacon or ham

Plain $6.20   Deluxe $7.20